Lessons 81 – 90

Day 81, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

At just about this time, in Richmond, Indiana, a bunch of my cousins and friends are gathering. Funeral Service for Gene are about to begin, Folks that have not seen each other in some time are gathering, hugging, and sharing stories about Gene. They will walk past the casket, some will pause, some will cry, some will touch her cheek. I take great comfort in knowing that Gene is not in that body. She has made him crossing. I am told in my Owner’s Manual that “to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ.” So, for me, it is a Home Going Celebration. Gene suffered for over 20 years, and about 5 weeks ago, decided she had suffered enough, was tired and wanted to go home. She stopped her dialysis, and went home. See, she made sure many years ago to “make her Peace, Call, and Election sure”. So while we will miss her, and think of her often, we KNOW that we will see her again, where we will “Know as we are known, folk, Heaven is REAL, God is still God, and sits on the Throne of Grace. Through my tears, I ask all of you to join me in a Celebration of Gene’s life, but more important, her Home Going Celebration.

God Bless, may YOUR family circle be unbroken


Day 82, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Why do I give thanks every day? Why do I praise Him every day? Suppose you had two kids. One was always whining, complaining, and always wanting something, tugging on your skirt or pants. The other was just the opposite. Always happy, always saying please and thank you, never jealous of the other. You would love them both, but if you had a little extra, which would you “treat?” My God is my Heavenly Father. I believe if I only go to Him with me “to do” list, I am missing out. Jesus taught his Disciples how to pray. Start by praising Him: Our Father, Who are in Heaven, Hallowed be they name” Then Praise Him. Ask for your daily needs, He already knows your needs. Lot of times we pray for our “wants”. Then, pray that His will be done, not mine. “Well Claude, do you mean we can’t pray for others?” Absolutely not. Just remember His will, not ours. My prayers start with “Thank You for what you have done what you are doing right now, and what you are going to do. At least once a day, I just Praise Him, not asking for anything, just thanking Him. Sometimes I just sing to Him. It takes practice, but will increase the Loving personal relationship with Him (or her, bet that made someone spew their coffee, but that is a lesson for another day.)

Try it.

I appreciate you reading these Lessons from Owner’s Manual; appreciate your comments and shares. Can see all the Lessons thus far on our web-site http://www.miracleinmotioninc.com Can also hear some of our music.


God Bless


Day 83, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I have been on a week of highs and lows. Have practiced some of my Lessons. First thing I did was to walk in Spirit of Forgiveness. My Pastor, Dr. Harry Yates taught me years ago about that. By walking in Spirit of Forgiveness, I don’t feel resentments and anger. Know man will do things that could upset me, but that would block my blessings. Second Lesson I worked on was to “stay prayed up”. That means at all times I have an open line to my Father. Don’t have to repent for my actions before I can pray for others. How do I do that? Simple, stay in a constant state of prayer. Can “keep in touch” with Father in my thoughts, a talk to Him like a friend, because He is. Third thing, and this is a big one, Pray in Faith, Believing. No sense to pray if you doubt while you pray. And once I have prayed and turned it over to God, leave it with Him. To many times we pray, asks God to do something, and then take it back upon ourselves to “fix” it ourselves. And fourthly, expect a Miracle! We have seen several with my brother this week. Monday, taken to ER, placed in ICU. He was not expected to live. Yes, it was that serious. If you have followed our posts, you have observed what God can and is doing. Even Doctor and Nurses say there has been some “Divine Intervention”

Thanks for your prayers.

Think about this, comment and share if you would.

God Bless


Day 84, Lesson from Owner’s manual

Ever ask yourself just how much more you could take? Ever feel like you were “drowning” and could not breathe? Ever just cry out to God, “Help”? Today, though facing some tough issues, family and personal, I have a Peace in my heart. “Why, how could that be, Claude?” Because that is Lessons from Owner’s Manual in action. I am so grateful for the many, many of you that have responded to Prayer Warrior calls for my brother. I have prayed, called mom and dad, we prayed together. No matter what, it will be God’s will. His ex-wife (5 years divorced) has been asking me to come out to Oregon and file papers to get POA. Some of you may not understand this, but I promised my brother years ago I would never do that, as have mom and dad said the same thing. We have placed him in God’s hands, and believe with all our hearts that His will be done. I have that Peace that Jesus said He would leave with us. His Peace, a peace that goes beyond understanding. Does that mean we have “given up?” Oh no, far from it. God knows the desires of our hearts, and he also knows my brother’s needs. So we continue to lift him in prayer, continue to pray for others, and continue to Praise and Worship Him, from whom all blessings flow. Our Faith grows stronger as we exercise it more. Yes, we all can have Peace in the middle of a storm, for we serve the Master of the Wind. See, these Lessons are not just for others, they apply to me. If you would, continue to lift him in prayer and me as well. Appreciate those who take the time to read these, comment on them, and share.

God Bless



Day 85, Lesson from Owner Manual

Thought for the day: We cannot have a testimony, unless we have been tested! Heard Pastor Dr. Harry Yates said this several years ago. My testimony increases every day. Going through something is the key. Can’t stand still, must move. Some of you may remember driving in mud or snow, getting “stuck” We had to back up, go forward, again and again. As long as we are moving, we are not stuck. Nothing grows on top of the mountain; all the growth takes place in the valley. Remember. “The God on the Mountain, He’s still God in the Valley”.

Think about it, Keep moving,

God Bless


Day 86, Lessons from Owner’s manual

The tongue. Man, can that little muscle get us in trouble at times. Owner’s Manual says it is sharper than two edged sword, and that is sharp! Think about this, once you speak a word(s), you can never take it back, especially in the days of this Social Media. Owner’s Manual also states “Not what goes into the mouth that defiles it, but that which comes out” Very recently I had “interactions” with a young man that we met when he was having trouble, Homeless, no money, really needing help. We were in touch with him several times, helped as much as we could. Yesterday, the words coming out of his mouth were terrible. Seems he has found a girl to live with, got a job, and no longer needs Jesus. This is a dangerous thing, folks. To use pornographic language, threaten those of us that tried to rebuke in loving way, and the rants continue. I know that when God pulled me through some frightening situations, I made some promises to God. For past several years, I have tried my best to keep those promises, and God ALWAYS keeps His. The lesson I have to practice? Forgiveness. I forgave him. Today, I will continue to pray. After all, God never gave up on me! I told him I would continue to pray, as his rants continued. What would you do? Never mind that, what would Jesus do? Un-friended him, did not want that kind of language on my site. But was that the right thing to do? See, the Lessons from My Owner’s Manual teach me. When I share them, I want you to know sometimes it is a struggle to do what is right. Why, I even went so far as to tell him I could come to where he works and “explain it a little better” That was wrong. I repented. Will continue to pray. It is very dangerous to make a promise to God, then not follow through. Think about it. Pray about it. I appreciate your comments, and really appreciate when you share.

God Bless,

Thank you


Day 87, Lesson from Owner’s manual

Have not posted a “Lesson” for a few days, but believe me, I have been reviewing, learning, and tested. “To everything there is a Season” is on my heart to share today. Man, what a gauntlet of emotions over past 2-3 weeks. Know what is REALLY amazing? How God can multi-task! Think about it for a moment! The same exact time He is healing and dealing, He is also bringing Joy, Comfort, and just down right Happiness. Can’t help but visualize the scene from Bruce Almighty, where Jim Carey just hits the “yes” button for prayer requests. lol. “Claude, you are laughing during a time of great sorrow in your life?” Yes, I am, because I can. Each and every prayer that was prayed by the thousands of you for my brother was answered. “But he died!” No, he did not. He shed the shell of his body, the Spirit is free. My Owner’s Manual states that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” My brother is “absent” this morning, but not his Spirit. It is during times like this that the “Lessons” become real, not just some words on paper that has been around for a while. This God “stuff” is REAL, folks, I mean REAL! If you don’t believe, that’s OK, sorry for you, but your doubt does in no way affect what I KNOW. And how do I know, you ask? Because every minute of every day, every second of every minute, I feel Him! I see Him in the Great Power of a storm, I feel him in a tear that leaks from my eyes. Folks, I did not lose my brother, Alvin. In the words of Vernon Oxford at my son’s funeral in 1998…”Can’t lose something if you know where it is.” I can say I understand one Lesson From Owner’s Manual a little better today; “weep when one is born, and rejoice when they die” Today, I am rejoicing in my brother’s “promotion” and Praising God. I would be remiss if I did not encourage all to get that Peace in your heart.


Thank you for your prayers, and God Bless


Day 88, Lesson from Owner’s manual

We will make it Short and sweet today. “God’s Grace is Sufficient”. Pretty well says everything I need to say for today. No matter what it is, no matter where it comes from, no matter where I am, God’s Grace is sufficient. Look up the word “sufficient”, and it will say “all you need!” (Or pretty close to it) God’s Grace, by its very definition, cannot be earned. We don’t deserve it, can’t buy it, can’t trade for it, and can’t steal it. Know what we can do with Grace? Pass it on to others. Someone cuts you off in traffic? Don’t curse them or go after them, Understand that God’s Grace is sufficient!. Things could always be worse. Grieving? God’s Grace is sufficient to get us through that as well. These Lessons from Owner’s Manual that I share with you are Lessons from my own experiences. I need to remind myself, on a daily basis, no matter what. God’s Grace is Sufficient. Oh, tears may fall at times,(how is God going to wipe them away, if I don’t have any?) And sometimes I may be hurting so much can hardly catch my breath, but I remind myself, God’s Grace is sufficient. Do a little research, look up the word “sufficient”, may mean a little more than you realize. For me, for today, and always, “God’s Grace is Sufficient.”

Thank all of you for your prayers and condolences for me and my family during the past few weeks. Please continue to pray for my parents, my sister, and me. God Bless. GOD’S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT, say that several times today. It will make a difference!


Day 89, Lesson from Owner’s manual

Once again, I am being short and to the point. “His Grace is sufficient” No matter what you have been through, no matter what you are going through, and no matter what you may go through in the future, “God’s Grace is sufficient” We have faced two of the greatest stresses known to man, the greatest being the loss of a child. But God knows that feeling that has no name. He had to forsake his Son, Jesus, and watch Him die. For you, and for me. Whatever we go through here on this Earth, Jesus went through it worse. Yet today, He LIVES. Makes no difference if you believe that or not, your disbelief in no way affects what I KNOW! How do I know? Why do I believe? He in my heart. Like the old song that Martha Carson sang (and Joanne CASH does a great job on) “I got Jesus in my soul” “Watching every move I make, guiding every step I take, I got Jesus in my Soul” Better quit, before I get carried away and scare some folks! Have a Blessed day, know that God loves you. Will you accept Him today?

Those who have Jesus in your heart, can I get an Amen?


Day 90, Lesson from Owner’s manual

Healing and dealing, seems to be a lot of that going on lately. “Cast your cares upon Him” “For My yoke is easy, and my burdens light.” Any time I am feeling burdened down, you know, that “heavy heart” feeling that makes it difficult to even take a breath, ever feel that way? Or I get that sense of dread, wondering what’s coming next? Worrying when the next shoe will fall? Understand this. Those thoughts DO NOT come from God. Have stated several times, what I am looking for is what I will find! Look for things going wrong? Guess what? Ta Da! But look for Blessings, look for ways to help someone else, look for a way to exercise Forgiveness. Nothing eases the weight on the heart more than forgiving others. And they don’t even have to know about it. Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about us doing what Jesus tells us to do. I guess this is on my mind because I need to practice. Several “issues” surrounding my brother’s death could very easily lead me to resentments and anger. But I cannot. Why? First, my brother would not want that. Secondly, my Owner’s Manual tells me not to, and third, my physical health is to guarded to add more stress. So, I practice, practice, practice. See, these Lessons are not just for reading, they are for practicing. How about you? Got any bitterness in your heart? Get rid of it, turn it over to God, and stop taking it back, OUCH, got someone there, huh? Be free from hate, it does not come from God. Practice, practice, practice, that is what I will do! Think about it.

Comments welcome.

God Bless



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