Lessons 71 – 80

Day 71, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Sometimes I want God to do stuff right now! Can’t wait, needs to do it NOW. I imagine that He chuckles when He hears me asking Him to do my will. More and more I am enjoying “being still.” It was not easy when I first started practicing, but today, it gets easier. God has perfect timing! Where my problem was the worst was putting my feeble knowledge of time on God. He always is, always was, and always will be. That doesn’t “fit” with my 24 hour day. Lots of folks are getting bent out of shape trying to “match” God’s timing with “science”. Not me!. I seem to recall a day is like a thousand years to God, and vise verso. Get hung up on trying to “fit” God’s time into our realm. See, I believe in the “Big Bang” theory. God said “let it be” and BANG, there it was. It is very comforting now, when things appear to be piling up, to literally sit on my front porch swing and “Be Still”. Looking back, I see where worry did nothing except upset me. God has perfect timing; I know that, I trust that, my faith grows stronger every day, as I exercise it more and more. Much like muscles for body builders, huh, Mark Trail? So for today, I am investing some time in being still and knowing He is God. You Might want to give it a try.

God Bless.

Thanks for reading these “Lessons”, please feel free to share.


Day 72, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I have been wrestling with this one for a few days, so here goes. I am supposed to use a cane now when I am walking. Don’t like to do that, don’t want others to see me “limp” and use cane. So, the other day, I did not use it as I went to mailbox (approximately 50 yards) guess what? I fell. Nothing serious, just a “stumble” that got out of hand. As I was being helped up, a Scripture kept running through my mind. “Pride cometh before a fall.” And that is the subject of today’s Lesson. PRIDE. I know some people that walk around so proud, with their nose so stuck up in the air, that if it comes a little drizzle they will drown. A Proud look is an abomination. Why do “Christians” act like they are so much better than others? All we are is a sinner saved by Grace. Grace by its very nature cannot be earned, we don’t deserve it, and it is freely given by God. Why do many consider themselves “better” than others? Jesus was a humble man.

He did not go around bragging about being the Son of God. He did not come to destroy the World, but to save it. I see and hear it all the time in our Outreach Ministry. People are “turned off” to Christ because of the way Christians in their big fine Churches look down on them. Check yourself, “Christians”, before you wreck yourself. The only time we need to look down on ANYONE, is if we are reaching down to help them up.

Think about it for a while. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins; it can put a hindrance on someone else. I believe I read in my Owner’s Manual that “It is better to have a millstone around your neck, and dropped in the sea”. Please, leave your pride out of the Church. God Bless. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for sharing. (Although in all honesty, I don’t expect many comments on this Lesson from Owner’s Manual)

We love all of you,

God Bless


Day 73, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Would you agree that a lot is going on in our Country, and all over the World that causes us to be concerned? How about that. See, there is something we all agree on. No arguments there, huh? But many worry, and cry it is the end of time, Jesus is coming back. And? Is that a bad thing? Not to me, it isn’t. “Why Claude, you mean you are not worrying about (whatever you are worried about)?” Yep, no worry here. Why? One of the biggest Lessons I have learned from my Owner’s Manual is what God and Jesus said about worry. If you are unsure what they said, do a bit of research, find out. As to living in the final days, I don’t worry about that. I have a Personal Relationship with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Makes no difference if you believe it or not. Others non-belief in no way affects what I KNOW. I also know that no one, except the Father, knows when that time will be.

So what do we do? Do we try to change the World, Our Country, even our Church? We may be able to change the way we respond to things, instead of reacting. I have Peace in the middle of it all. A Peace that goes beyond understanding. God can do whatever He wants. “With God, nothing is impossible” So, every day, before I get out of bed, I talk to Him. I ask him to show me what He wants me to do, for that day. I keep in a state of prayer.

I search for Blessings, every day. Try something, if you would. Tomorrow, on Facebook only share the Good that you see. Does not mean I stick my head in the sand, just seeking the good. Though you may doubt, try it. See if your own blessings do not improve, when you look for the work God is doing.

Think about it, try it, and then let me know what you think.

God Bless, love all of you.


Day 74, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Feel compelled to share this thought with you. My job as a Minister is not to tell you how to think, how to feel, or how to vote. My “job” is to spread the Gospel. Gospel means Good News. What is “good” about the news today? Let me share my thoughts for just a moment. God is still God, and I am not! All my sins, past, present, and future, are covered in the blood of Christ. This DOES NOT mean I can do or act any way I want. What I have discovered, as my relationship with my Heavenly Father grows and deepens is this: the desires of my heart has changed, going from asking God to do my will, to asking Him to help me do His will. He is the Judge, so I try to keep my “judging stick” put away. I am a witness and a participant of God’s Amazing Grace. Anyone that knew me back in the 70’s, 80’s and even early 90’s can attest to the fact that God “has made a new creature ” out of me. I thank Him every day, sometimes every hour, for His deliverance. If He could and can do it to me, He can certainly deliver you. Think about it for a moment. Pray about it for a while. If you want to talk more in depth, pm me. Our conversations will go no further, except to God.

God Bless, we love ALL of you.

(Oh, about my job, it doesn’t pay anything, but Oh what a retirement plan!)


Day 75, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I have to practice several of the Lessons I have learned. Really “disturbed” me when 4 Marines were killed yesterday. I felt like a part of me was attacked. Marines are a different breed of Warriors. In no way putting down other Branches of Military, but my Marine Brothers and Sisters know of what I speak. My first reaction was one of Anger. Wanted to Saddle up and move out. Then I remembered my Owner’s Manual said “Be slow to anger” Notice, it did not say don’t get angry, just be “slow” to anger. So, I slowed down. Probably did not help that I heard the news while at VA Hospital in Nashville, in dentist office. So many angry people, so many threats, so much “justified” anger. I came home, and went to bed. But sleep would not come. Nightmares did. Remembered another Lesson from Owner’s Manual…”Take My Yoke upon you, for My Yoke is easy, and my burdens light.” I prayed, and prayed some more. If this had been years ago, I would have “medicated” myself to a state of numbness. Not this time. Up very early this AM, went for a walk down by Old Hickory Lake Dam. Felt the breeze on my face, watched the Cranes as the practiced patience, waiting to catch their food. Prayed some more.

Watched the water pouring out of the spill way of the dam. Marveled at the power in that water. Then, that “still small voice” said to me, “Be still, and know that I am God” Another Lesson I have learned. I am back home, posting this. Know that God is in control! Even when I don’t understand (especially when I don’t understand) so, for today, I will not watch much TV, will sleep when I feel like it, and will read from my Owner’s Manual. After I had a Spiritual Awakening.

Tried to practice these principles in ALL my affairs” Just thought I should throw that in. Keep us in prayer, and we will pray for all. Will be on here from time to time. See, it does nothing just to read my Owner’s Manual; I must USE it to live my life, and help other. To my fellow Marines, we grieve with you.

God Bless.

Think about it.


Day 76, Lesson from Owner’s Manual\

Herdsmen in the Palestine region take care of their sheep in the same manner as in Christ’s time. Want to talk a little bit about the “lost” sheep that the Shepard finds, and puts on his shoulders, to carry back to herd. If the lamb has wondered off two or more times, still today, the Shepard will break one of the back legs, and put lamb on his shoulders. Before you scream abuse, consider this; The Shepard carries the lamb, feeds it, water’s it, sleeps with it, and spends all his time with lamb. By the time the lambs leg has healed, and he is placed on the ground, it has grown to love and depend on the Shepard for everything, has learned to love the Shepard, and will never stray from the Shepard side again, for as long as he lives. I have strayed from the Good Shepard a few times in my life. Not proud of it, have learned from it. Having been “broken”, then healed, I will never again stray. Serving my Shepard is my calling, my “job” if you will. If Christ is the Good Shepard (He is!) then how much more will he take care of His Flock? Yes, He will seek the one stray, leaving the other 99 in the wilderness. Yes, He will carry us back to the flock.

Think about it.

Share and comments welcome.

God Bless.


Day 77, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

A line in a song I wrote years ago says “where I’m at is just a trail that leads to where I’m bound”. Means more to me now than years ago. I was “chasing that Neon Rainbow” and had a great deal of success. I can honestly say that every dream I had about music career was granted to me. Lots and lots of hard work, was not easy. But after all, God had said He would give me the desires of my heart, right? But as time went on, the desires of my heart changed. I went back to College, graduated in 1998, the same year son died. I have been involved with kids since 1990, working with some of the “roughest” inner city kids around. That was fulfilling. Today (and really past 10 years), my desire is to reach as many people as possible and tell them about just how much God loves them.

Nine years with Coal Miner Jamboree and Coal Miner Church Service, Radio Shows, Concerts, etc. Was not trying to “show” how I could sing or entertain, but to SHOW God’s Love in action. Time has taken a toll on this “old” body, but God is still providing the “Desires of my heart”. I am humbled when others ask for our prayers, and excited when I see God working. Yes, I am receiving the desires of my heart, since my heart was changed. I don’t pray for Earthly things, my Owner’s Manual says “seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these others will be added” No, things are not perfect, but my God is. He does not get me out of things I get myself into, but He gets me through it.

For today, Praise Him, Thank Him, Share Him. May God Bless? Thanks for taking the time to read these “Lessons from Owner’s Manual” For those who haven’t figured it out, my Owner’s Manual is my Bible. Let it guide you in all things.

Think about it, share if you would, comments welcome.

God Bless


Day 78, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Remember reading about Jesus came walking on the water? The Disciples were afraid; the sea had gotten rough, very quickly. (Still happens today, sudden storms, winds whipping down) They were afraid they would sink and die. Then, they looked back toward where they came, and they saw Jesus. Does not say the storm suddenly quit. But they saw Jesus, walking on the water, coming toward them. Peter (always one wanting to know more) said “if that is you Lord, let me walk out to you.” (Davis interpretation) Jesus beckoned to him, and in Faith, he started walking on the water, headed toward Jesus. He had taken a few steps, then looked at how bad the storm was, got scared, and started to sink. Jesus “rescued” him. What that means to me today is this, no matter how great the storm, Jesus is in control. Why did Peter start to sink? Very simple. HE TOOK HIS EYES OFF JESUS, AND LOOKED AT THE STORM.

That Lesson is tight with me today. No matter the storm (and we have really been going through some storms) Jesus is stronger than any storm. All I have to do is keep my mind/eyes/soul on Him, and all will be well. I am not worrying about my brother today; I am lifting him in prayer. I know that God has got him. Think for a moment, where are your eyes focused? On the “storms” or on the Master of The Wind. My eyes will stay on Jesus, all will be well. Appreciate you taking the time to read this, share it if you want, and comments are always welcome. Someone, besides me, needs to hear this today.

God Bless


Day 79, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Here is the Last post of the day (maybe). It has been a Joyful, Blessed day. Oh sure, troubles and life on life’s terms showed up, but I kept my eyes, and heart, on Jesus. He is the Master of the Wind. I know some of you don’t believe the same as I do, and I don’t take that personal anymore. “It is once appointed unto man to die, and after death, the judgement” So, if you (me) are still alive, God has not judged us, yet. So I no longer judge anyone, not my job. I am to be a witness! What does a witness do?

Tells the truth, so help me God. See, God does not need a Prosecuting Attorney; we don’t need to be going around telling everybody else how bad they are, and tattling to God. He Knows. Also, the God that I serve does not need a defense attorney. He is securing enough in whom and What He is that we don’t need to defend him. We are to Praise and Worship Him.

We are to live a life that others will not have to ask if we are Christians. We can go to Church every Sunday, Weds. And Sat. and still not be a Christian. You can sit in a garage all day, and it won’t make you a Buick! OK, got a little carried away there. Better quit before I preach myself happy. I love all of you, but not as much as God Loves You, ALL of you, whether you have accepted him or not. And that is the truth, so help me God!

God Bless.


Day 80, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I am going to be short and to the point. Nothing good comes out of doing wrong. However, “All things work for good to those who love the Lord” When some have done me wrong, if I prayed, and forgave them, if I did what I was supposed to do according to “Owner’s Manual”, then “it” will work out to the good for me. Don’t believe it? Try it. Since I learned to treat others the way I want to be treated, regardless of how they treat me, my Blessings have increased. It leaves no bitterness or anger in my heart. More room for Blessings and Peace. It is not easy, and it takes practice. Just try it on something in your life today. Smile and say hello to someone who has hurt you, forgive them. They don’t even have to know you forgave them. It is not about them, it is about us doing what we are supposed to do, according to Owner’s Manual. Try it.

Thanks for your prayers,

God Bless

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