Lessons 41 – 50

Day 41, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual

Picture last night, a night of fireworks, celebration, and revelry. Now picture this: A Viet Nam Veteran, laying in his bed, sweat-soaked, and shivering. The “Explosions all around were trying to draw his mind to a time long ago. Some say they know, because they do. Some say they understand, but most cannot comprehend. No booze in the house, no drugs, just him and God. Just before the midnight hour, when he knew it would be a full out assault. he took the Bible off his night table and laid it on the bed beside him. Then he grabbed a big handful of M&M Peanuts! That threw you, didn’t it. He put one, sometimes two in his mouth at a time. He tried to let them melt in his mouth, but more often than not, he would chomp down before he got to the naked peanut. His hand rested on the Bible. He made it through, no nightmares, no panic. Not comfortable, but he made it. With the help of M&M Peanuts, and the Bible. This is how I spent New Year’s night. Just thought I should share.

God bless, and think about it.


Day 42, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual

When we pray, do we just go to God with our “to do” list? Some do. When I pray, I talk to Him just like He is right beside me (actually, he’s closer than that, He’s in my heart) I make a point to thank Him for all he’s done, thank Him for what He is doing right now (listening to me) and most important, what He is going to do. Just think, The King of Kings, and Jesus Christ, listening to ME. I am not knocking people who go through someone else to get prayer to God, but I go Direct to the source. I am well aware that we have an intercessor with Jesus. Don’t take that out of context, read the quotes before that.

And finally, I thank Him for what He is going to do. He’s preparing a place for me, and you. He is healing and saving and comforting folks everywhere. Well Claude, does this mean you don’t pray for those who request it? No, does not mean that at all, but I must ask, in my prayer requests, that His Will be done, I must. Prayer CAN change things, With God nothing is impossible! I pray and lift people up to him several; times a day. Any time I send “Prayers going up”, they are going up right then. Read the Lord’s Prayer again, study it. No need to make a “big show” of your prayers. Talk to Him, and then, listen to him.

Think about it,

God bless


Day 43, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual

DISCLAIMER the following was not written by me, it has just been on my mind today. An Old man. Beaten down and bent, finally showed up at Heaven’s Gate. He was greeted with much love and Trumpets blaring. His first words. I want to see Jesus. He was escorted to the Throne, Jesus embraced him. The old man now straitened and whole, looked at the record Jesus was holding. On a Tablet of Gold was the scene of footprints in the sand. He gazed upon it, and then asked Jesus “Lord I understand the time of two footprints together. You were walking with me. “I understand the part of just one set of footprints, for that is where you carried me when I could not go on, but the next part, two sets of footprints going in circles, jumping together, Lord what was that” Jesus smiles at the old man (now a New Creature) and replied, “That my Brother, was when we danced!” Take a moment, remember the times in your life when you were just so full of Love or Happiness, were you dancing?

May you Dance with Jesus many times this year.

God bless


Day 44, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual

Hold on, or let go? In the Lord’s Prayer, we are taught to ask God His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Sometimes that is a tough prayer to pray. Past few days have been rough for me to pray His will, not mine, be done. Jesus, in the hours before He was taken, prayed to His Father, “If it be your will, let this cup pass from me. But not my will, but yours be done” In praying for my friend, Rick Norton, I must ask for Gods will, and not mine. God sees the big picture, and I must trust that His will is what is best for everyone. Trusting God when things get rough is a key to my Faith. I will continue to pray for healing for my friend, Rick Norton. But will end the prayer with “thy will be done.”

Think about it.

God Bless


Day 45, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

It has been my observation that men do not handle sadness very well. We are “taught” early on that real men don’t cry. I say that is hogwash! The shortest verse in my Owner’s Manual puts that idea out of the window! Jesus wept! Remember that? When He came to this friend’s house and he had died? Jesus wept! He was no wimp, He cleared a temple by Himself, Suffered and died for you and me. My face leaks a lot, sometimes with joy, sometimes with sorrow. Feel what you have to feel. After all, how can God wipe away our tears if we don’t have any?

Think about it.

God bless.


Day 46, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Be still, and know that I am God” When we have prayed every way we know how, and ask others to do the same, what then? I must remember what Jesus taught about prayer to His disciples. “Our Father (all of us, whether we believe it or not) which art in Heaven (yes, there is a Heaven, and a Hell) Hallowed be thy name. (Just the Name Jesus carries power, if you be believe) Thy kingdom come (yes, He is coming back) Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Here is where it gets hard sometimes. Too often we pray for God to do our will, and not the other way around. Today, I will pray for His will be done, and give me strength to carry out His will.

Think about it.

God Bless.


Day 47, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

Have not posted one of these for couple of days, but have been learning! My thoughts today are with Jesus, particularly how He dealt with the woman at the well. No condemnation, no “smart” answers just Truth, Love, and acceptance. He knew the woman did not have a husband when He told her to go get him. He knew she had been married 5 times, and the man she was living with was not her husband. I believe He wanted to see if she would tell the truth. We can fool other people, and we can fool ourselves. We can actually tell things wrong so many times that we begin to believe our own propaganda. That’s where insanity begins. I believe God knows all things, but He wants us to be honest with Him. We must accept our part in anything we get into! Only then can God get us through it. I do not believe God will get me out of anything I get into, but He will get me through it. Be honest with God, and yourself.

Think about it.

God Bless


Day 48, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I have been doing a lot of reading, studying, and listening. Today’s comment is on one human trait that causes more trouble in the World than any other. That would be envy. What a deadly monster that is. Wanting what someone else has, no matter what! I can say I have had a lot of run in’s with Envy, and it is never been a happy affair. Coveting what belongs to someone else that is a sin, no doubt about it. It ties in with the other big one, Jealousy! Wars have been started, people killed, families destroyed, people doomed to Hell, just because of these two Sins. Way too much material for just one post. But for today, I will examine my motives, and my actions. I will do all I can to eliminate Envy and Jealousy from my heart. I will bask in what God gives me, and rejoice in what He has given others.

Think about it.

God Bless


Day 49, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

I will continue with theme of Envy and Jealousy. Know where it is easy to spot these deadly sins? In the Church! Yes, inside the walls of church. From “don’t sit in my seat,” to “Pastor Likes me best”, Envy and jealousy abound. Interesting to read research on why some folks no longer go to church. My personal believe? The devil has some of his best workers inside the Church. I almost fell for “favoritism” when I first started out as a Pastor.

Learned that the most important person in my Ministry was the sinner, seeking salvation, not the “friends” looking to be treated “special” I am sure others have experienced the same thing, just perhaps not as blatantly as I did. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Much like a 12 step program, the most important human at a church service is a lost person, looking for salvation. That is what our Ministry is geared toward. Remember, a proud look is an abomination! Jesus came to be a servant, as we should also. Remove Envy and Jealousy from the church, and watch the Holy Spirit “show out” If the shoe fits, pull it off and walk barefoot!

Think about it.

God Bless


Day 50, Lesson from Owner’s Manual

This is a very simple lesson for you all today.


Giving thanks to God should be one thing that is almost non-stop for us. What do we have to be thankful for everything? I can breathe today; I can pray for others today, I have food and shelter today. I still have my parents with me today. The list just goes on and on. Yes, we have sorrow, we have trials, and we have pain. But I also have Jesus, and he’s got me. Today is a day of thanks for me. May it be a day of thanks for you as well?

God Bless

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