Lessons 1-10

Day 1 “Lessons from my Owner’s Manual”:

It has been many days since I posted regularly on Facebook. My goal (and a promise I made to God) is to post something I have learned from my “owner’s Manual” Every day Lessons I have learned, several I am still learning. To treat others the way I want to be treated. Here is the eye-opener. It does not matter how they treat me! It’s not about them; it is about me doing what I am told in my Manual. It frees me from emotions such as hate, revenge, bitterness and such. If I do what I am supposed to do, I get closer and closer to the instructions in my Manual. Think about it, and tomorrow will talk about being a witness.

God Bless, and keep us in prayer.

More news updates in the near future of Miracle in Motion. Yes, we are still in the ministry business!!


Day 2 “Lessons from my Owner’s Manual”:

Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossip, Mary was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sara was impatient, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zacchaeus was short, Abraham was old and Lazarus was dead. So what’s your excuse now?

GOD can use you too!


Day 3 “Lessons from my Owner’s Manual”

For 9 years, we were blessed to have the Coal miner’s Jamboree and Coal Miner Church service out doors in Stearns, KY. Some of my most powerful lessons were learned there! (Still learning). Over 300 people in that few years accepted Christ. I was so blessed to be a part of that. Our ministry continues, with a truly world-wide outreach. One of my lessons from Owner’s Manual. Never take credit for what God has done, or is doing! How many times was it taught to me, it wasn’t about me, it was (and is) about He who sent me. Saw and experienced some of what Paul went through, and what Jesus said we would. I was so blessed. I remember the night Leroy testified and Kathleen shouted.

Time was it taught to me, it wasn’t about me, It was (and is) about He who sent me. Saw and experienced some of what Paul went through, and what Jesus said we would. I was so blessed. I remember the night Leroy testified and Kathleen shouted. times was it taught to me, it wasn’t about me, It was (and is) about He who sent me. Saw and experienced some of what Paul went through, and what Jesus said we would. I was so blessed. I remember the night Leroy testified and Kathleen shouted. I also remember the day God put Richard on his rear-end during a church service. I was blessed to reap the harvest of seeds sown long ago, and today, from the most unlikely sources, see seeds that were sown growing today. My thought for the day..It wasn’t about me, and it still isn’t. God Bless..Think about it.


Day 4 of Lessons from my Owner’s Manual.

I am convinced God has a sense of humor! I just have to look in the mirror! He “messes” with me! Whenever I have something I need to learn or work on, He gives me plenty of chances to practice! I will never again pray for patience! Why? Because he gave me an abundance of ways to practice! Practice, practice! In my research of Owner’s Manual, I find that is what He does! The Lord’s Prayer (you know, the one where He was teaching his disciples how to pray) starts with. “Our Father.” That is so important! It is who we are. A child of God! ALL OF US! Makes no difference if you agree or not! That person(s) you can’t stand? Those you say you hate? God loves them just as much as he does you. Jesus died for them, just as He did for you. Have yet to find a place in my Manual where God hates! So, let us put our “judging sticks” away, if just for an instant!

We will continue with Lord’s Prayer tomorrow, unless I am practicing on something else.

Think about it!

God Bless


Day 5, Lessons from my Owner’s Manual:

“Karma, what goes around comes around, reap what you sow…All say the same thing. It is a lesson I continually work on. I grew up on a farm. We had a garden. No power tools, just hoes, rakes, and shovels. (And hands) People would see the garden, and say how pretty/clean it was as they waited for mom to give them some produce. But it was WORK! No weeds and we would pick beans from where we planted them, and corn where we planted it. Could not grow corn if we planted only peas! Now think about this. If all I plant on face Book is hate, lies, sadness, and grief, how can I expect to harvest Joy and Love? I’ just got off the phone with David Leslie Thomas. We both were able to harvest some seeds we sowed long ago. Today, think about what you sow. tomorrow, will talk about the different soil types.

God Bless


Day 6, Lessons from my Owner’s Manual:


Once again, when there is something I need to work on; God gives me plenty of ways to practice! I have heard so many times “I will forgive, but I won’t forget.” Now what if God was like that! He wipes the slate clean, each time. But Claude, you just don’t understand what they did/said to me! Looked at my hands, I do not see any nail prints! I do not have scars on my side, no nail prints in my feet. If God forgave/forgives, are we so much greater than God, know so much more than Him that we can’t forgive? We are even told how many times to forgive someone in one day! Anyone remember that? Something is eating you up right now! I don’t know who you are, but Forgive, AND forget.

Give it to God!

OK, think about it. Forgive me for all my trespasses.

God Bless


Day 7, Lessons from my Owner’s Manual:

Some of us have had the opportunity to get closely involved with our judicial system. Judge sits on bench, prosecutor there to prove their “point”, defense attorney to prove otherwise. Then there are the witnesses, who are sworn to tell the truth. Whether they do or not is often up for debate. Believe it or not, this system comes from my Owner’s Manual! God is THE JUDGE! WE are to be witnesses. What we do, how we live, says a lot more than our words. I am a witness. God does not need me to tell Him how bad everyone else is (prosecutor) and God does not need me to defend Him, He’s got that pretty well covered. God is the Judge, and He is a whole lot better at being God than I am! So, I think I will just continue to be a witness, and continue to study my Owner’s Manual.

Let us all put our “judging sticks” away, and let God be God.

Think about it.

God Bless


Day 8, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual:

Committed, or involved? What is the difference? I had breakfast the other day, bacon and eggs. The chicken was involved in that breakfast. The hog? He was committed. How many of us can say we are really committed to God? Satchel Page once said “Don’t pray in the rain if you don’t pray in the sunshine.” Picture this in your mind’s eye; God is getting all these millions upon millions of prayer requests every second. Then, in all that “data flow” comes a voice from one of His kids saying “Daddy/Father God, thank you for loving me today.” Be committed to Him today, this hour, and this minute.

Think about it.

God Bless.


Day 9, Lesson from my Owner’s Manual:

What would you do if you walking through a field or up a hill and a stark crazy naked man came running and ranting toward you? He came out of a cave in the hill, and had definite trouble in his head? T

Think for a moment.

OK get the picture?

Jesus took care of him. He got his mind right, even got his house back.

There was a herd of pigs that didn’t make out so well! The lesson I get from that? Even when I am crazy, out of my mind, and losing it, God still loves me, and protects me.

Get a little crazy for God today.

God bless, and big thanks to those of you who share these posts.


Day 10, Lesson From my Owner’s Manual:

Have to work on forgiveness again. I ran into someone that had a real problem with me. We almost threw down. When I saw him today, I realized I still didn’t like him. I had resentment in the back of my brain. I remember some of my lessons from my Owner’s Manual. He kept his distance, but I told him everything was cool, all was forgiven. Then we had lunch together, and he even paid!

Isn’t God great?

God bless all.









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