Lesson 151 – 160

Lessons from the Owners Manual #151.

Working on it! If you want to know what a minister is struggling with in his or her personal life, just listen to their sermons. What do they preach about? Myself, I spend a lot of time talking about forgiveness, not ashamed to say I struggle with that. I used to be the type that would go looking for a fight. Whip me on Sunday, I would ambush you on Monday. As a result I stayed angry, at everything and everyone. Then I spent time with Pastor Harry Yates and really got into this forgiveness thing. The hardest person for me to forgive was (and still is) myself. But I am learning. Want to know how? Think you know? Would love to hear what you think. Tell me how you handle forgiveness. Do you hold a grudge? Be honest now. More on this subject in the next Lesson From the Owners Manual. Comments are always welcome. God bless all of you.

Lessons from the Owners Manual # 152.

My Father’s Business. Jesus was 12 when he stayed behind in Jerusalem when His family headed for home. It took them a full day before they noticed he wasn’t with them, and 3 days before they found him, in the Temple, teaching the religious leaders. When Mary asked him why he put them through that worry (and I bet she wasn’t calm about it), he simply replied ” know ye not I must be about my Father’s business ” He wasn’t talking about Joseph, He was talking about God. Now, ask yourself, are you about your Father’s business? What do you mean Claude? Are you doing what God asks you to do? Whatever talent He has given you, are you using it for His glory? Do you pray for others, feed the hungry, help widows and orphans, visit those in jail, love your neighbors as yourself? And do you forgive others as you are forgiven? Some serious questions. Only you and God know the answers. Give it some serious thought. Are you about your Father’s business? Thanks for reading this, and as always, feel free to share, any comments are always welcome. God bless

Lessons from the Owners Manual #153

Got my Owners Manual out to read this morning and guess what it turned to? It was written in red, so it was what Jesus had said; “My Grace is sufficient “. Needed to hear that this morning, and someone else does also. No matter what it is, His Grace is sufficient. God bless

Lessons from the Owners Manual #154

About my Father’s business. We spoke of this earlier, doing God’s business, and some wanted to know exactly what that meant. Well, Jesus told one group about feeding Him when he was hungry, visiting Him in jail, when He was sick, clothed Him, etc. They replied “Lord, when did we..(do these things) to You. Jesus replied ” In as much as you have done it unto the least of these my brothers, you have done it on to Me ” Think about that, He also said He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin ” Yesterday, on the way to VA made eye contact with homeless man with a sign said simply, hungry and cold. Started to look away and drive away, couldn’t do it. Without going into detail he was fed and warm when last I saw him. And all he kept saying was “God bless you ” Is it any wonder I had a good day? Follow your heart, be about your Father’s business. Comments welcome as always and thanks for sharing and reading this. God bless

Lessons from the Owners Manual #155.

More about my Father’s Business. Last lesson we spoke about doing our Father’s business, and the ways we could go about that, today we will continue with that topic. In my Owners Manual it states that it was in Antioch where they were first called Christians. They did NOT call themselves Christians, but others called them that. Why? Because they were different. Their actions were different, their words, the way they treated others, they followed the teaching of Christ. They didn’t have to call themselves Christians, others knew it by their actions. Think about that for a moment, do you have to tell people you are a Christian, or can they tell it by your actions and your works? If you couldn’t speak, couldn’t wear a cross, would they still know? Time to search your actions and attitudes people. Folks will learn a lot more from what you do than what you say. READ THAT AGAIN. Be a Christian, don’t just act like one. Thank you for reading this, as always comments are welcome and feel free to share. May God bless all of you.

Lessons from the Owners Manual #156.

Faith without works is dead. So let’s do some works, TODAY. Well how do we do that? Simple way is to practice Random Acts of Kindness. Remember hearing that? Let someone cut in front of you in traffic, wave at them and smile. Pay for the meal of someone behind you in the fast food drive thru. Look for ways to be a blessing to others, folks you don’t even know, and don’t brag about it. These are the types of things that make us a parcularlar people. The things that set us apart from the World. Just think, if all of us did one Random Act of Kindness today, what an impact that would make. It would spread across the planet and a wave of kindness would actually be felt. Can we count on you? Will you do your part? Please let us know. Just say “yes “, then find a way today. Perhaps it is just to call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Let your heart lead you. Let us put works with our faith. Oh, by the way, it will make you feel better as well. Thanks for reading this, feel free to share, and comments always welcome. God bless all of you.

Lessons from Owners Manual #157

Did you practice? Owners Manual states it is not the hearer of the word, but the doer of the word..

We can read all the stories in the Bible, all the lessons, all the instructions, and shake our heads yes and settle back into our easy chairs and be worse than those who never heard at all. He who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. That is pretty clear. This is a short lesson today, but spot on. Do something good TODAY. Thanks for reading, as always, comments welcome and feel free to share. God bless.

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