Lesson 141 – 150

Lessons from Owner’s Manual #141.

Why do we doubt? Let’s be honest, sometimes I doubt stuff. I wonder why I pray so hard for something to happen and things stay the same. Why do I continue to hurt when I pray for relief from my pain? Why, when I know others are praying for me, am I not healed? Is it a lack of faith on my part? I do not doubt God at all. The doubt comes from me. When I really get down to it, most of my pain comes as a result of choices I have made. I choose not to take heavy duty pain meds, due to choices I have made in the past. Have found my pain tolerance has increased, and I thank God for that. Even my choice to become a Marine many years ago, that put me in harm’s way. God is the constant. Even when I doubted and ran from Him He continued to love and protect me. And He still does. See, I don’t go through anything alone, God is always with me. And I know, no matter what, it will be ok. And the “it” is me. Thank you for reading these Lessons, feel free to share, and as always, I look forward to your comments.

God bless.

Lessons from Owners Manual #142.

Father’s Day coming up, let me tell you about my Father. He is the great creator. He is LOVE. He is not responsible for hate, envy or strife. He sent His only Son to die for you and me, so that we can live with Him forever. My earthly dad was a great example of His love. He was patient, kind, and preached my Father’s word for almost 70 years. He passed last November at the age of 91. He and mom were married 71 years before she passed. Dad was not perfect, though he was in my eyes. He didn’t lecture me, he led by example. He showed me what God’s Love was all about by the way he treated others. He also led by example the Word of God. Many of you knew him well and admired him for how he was and things he did. I got to see him inside our family. What you saw in public was exactly the way he was in private. He always worked a full time job while being a full time Pastor. And you pastor’s know what that means. On call 24/7, he always took the call. Sometimes folks would show up in the middle of the night with a sick child, dad let them in, and prayers began. I have seen babies with the thrash. Dad would pray, and blow his breath into the baby’s mouth. The blisters would immediately start to disappear. Did my dad do that? As he explained it to me, my Father did it, using my dad because of my dad’s faith. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Today I will bask in my Father’s Love while fondly remembering my dad. Thank you for reading this. May you know and love your FATHER. As always, comments welcome and feel free to share.

God bless all of you.

Lesson from the Owners Manual #143

Today’s it is all about gratitude for the blessings we all have every day. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, what might be (don’t even get me started on worry) and focus on what is right now. Today the Sun is shining, had a couple of talks with the Lord, hugged my beautiful wife when she got up…see where I am going with this? Here is where you get to share. List at least one thing you have to be grateful for TODAY. Share it with us it can lift all of us. As always, thanks for reading this far, and look forward to your comments. God bless.

Lesson from the Owners Manual #144

Faith without works is dead. Ever hear that? Well what does it mean? Let’s say a guy has severe back pain (I do) and prays for relief. Now he can just sit and pray, and request prayers from others, and even take medication, but unless he puts some work in, nothing changes. The Owner’s Manual shows that folks healed had to take some action. Pick up the bed, wash them, go show themselves, etc. So this guy has to first believe with all his heart that he can be healed and then get up and walk. Even though it is painful, he prays for strength to walk through the pain. Even when he feels like he may collapse, he prays. And somehow he is able to make it to where he was headed. His prayers were answered, and now it is time to give praise. Perhaps it was just a trip from bedroom to bathroom, or living room, but there was a time this just wasn’t possible. This is a day in the life of many people. So give thanks when you are able to jump up, run outside, jump in your car and speed off. I will continue to put work with my faith, and give praise for the small Miracles. Continue to keep me in your prayers, and continue to have faith, with works. Thanks for reading this and comments are welcome.

God bless

Lessons from my Owners Manual #145

Lessons from my Owners Manual #146

Lessons in practice. It starts with prayer before I get out of bed, and praying while I get dressed. Then, since it is Sunday, off to church. A stop at McDonald’s for a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Leave the loose change for Ronald McDonald House. Then that veteran in the wheel chair? He gets a couple of bucks and swap God bless you ‘s . Then to church parking lot. See, I get there early so I can eat my biscuit and sip some coffee. Need something on my stomach because of the medication. Say another prayer ,actually it is more like a running conversation with God, with me taking time to listen. Put handicap placard on mirror and work my way out of the car. The new brace they gave me when I was in hospital 3 weeks ago really helps with walking. Oh, made sure I was masked before I left the car. Then there was church service. It was a blessing Thank you to the Nashville Cowboy Church Band, and guest singers, including Joanne Cash, and Pastor Harry Yates. A message that last 10 minutes, and goes straight to the heart. Then, to the restaurant that I have been going to for several months, every Sunday, same waitress. We have gotten to know her, we have prayed for her when she did not know it, soon, she started requesting prayer. She told my daughter and I several weeks ago she has been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. Our prayers and support increased. Our ministry on Facebook interested her very much,because of her work schedule. Today, this woman sat down, with a tear in her eye,and asked me if I would baptize her. I questioned her, I had to. Baptism won’t get you anything but wet, unless you have already accepted Christ into your heart. After looking into her eyes, and listening to her testimony, I told her I would be humbled and honored to baptize her. The reason I am telling you this is because you never know who is watching you, or who Jesus is putting into your life for a reason. Now I have laughed and joked with this woman the past few months. She knew right up front I was a happily married man, I brought my daughter and friends into eat,and I loved the Lord. That is called being a witness. Please, may we all try to be a witness, and reach one more soul. Thank you so much for reading this rather long post. As always, comments are encouraged. Feel free to share.

God bless

Lessons from Owners Manual #147

GIVING Like a lot of folks, I get my funds the first of the month. Some time ago, when I started taking care of my financial obligations, I put the church at the top of the list, to be “paid “and first, and then the other obligations. See, I used to say I would pay my bills, and if I had anything left, would donate. Guess what? I never had anything left. A few years ago, I asked my dad what he thought about tithing. He replied that he and mom had been doing it since 1960, and even though hard times, God had always made a way. Mom and dad were poor people, and yet they gave to God first. That stuck with me. Now I know a bunch of you are tuning out right now, but stick around a moment. Not saying buy a big jet or big house for a big business “church “, but support where you receive your spiritual food and guidance. Try it for a couple of months. Take care of your church first and see how much you have left at the end of the month. I really don’t know how it works, but it does. As Pastor Harry Joanne Yates says, can’t outgive God, but sure fun to try. As always, please feel free to share and your comments are welcome. I know this is not a very popular topic, but it is something I have learned and wanted to share with all of you.

God bless.

Lessons from the Owners Manual #148.

GIVINGI know we spoke about this a couple of weeks ago, but this is a little different. Christmas time is coming, and may I suggest a gift you give your children (regardless of their age)? Teach them the joy of giving. Give unexpectedly, anonymously, to someone in need. It can be a couple pairs of socks or McDonald’s gift cards to some homeless. It can be a donation of time to an animal shelter, to walk and help care for the animals. Think outside the box. Most of us know how to receive, and I am proud to say I have a few friends that all year long are giving and helping others. And they keep quiet about it. As the Christmas season approaches, have your kids, and your family, practice giving and being a blessing. The blessings you receive will be 10 times what you give. That is God’s math. As always feel free to share and comments are welcome. God bless.

Lessons from Owners Manual #149.

Praising Him. This has been a week of praise for me. Most of you know that early Monday morning I had a procedure done on my back that was supposed to increase mobility and decrease pain. I had this done 6 months ago with very little effect. This time, I asked for prayers, and I felt them. From Tuesday morning continuing right through today, I have substantial relief. I have spent the week Praising God and giving thanks for the prayers of all of you. PRAYERS WORK. The nurse and I prayed a short prayer before they put me out. Give thanks to the Lord for what He has done, what He is doing right now, and what He is going to do. To often we just go to God with our ” to do list” when we should be going with our thank you list. God knows our needs and our wants. Have faith, be thankful, give praise. As always, thank you for reading this and comments are welcome. Please feel free to share.

God bless

Lessons from Owners Manual #150

Forgiveness…I find it fairly easy to forgive others these days. Took a lot of practice and work to get to that point, but Pastor Harry Yates helped me when we talked about walking in the spirit of Forgiveness. More on that later. You know who I have a real hard time forgiving? Myself ! Yep that’s right. Me. I can carry around some guilt and that doesn’t come from God. Think about that. Where does guilt come from? You know! Here’s what I tell myself when forgiving myself is a struggle. Does God forgive me? YES. Do I know so much more than God that I can’t forgive myself? NO. Think about that. Love your neighbors as yourself. Indicates you must love yourself. I love you but not as much as God does. Thank you for reading this. Really appreciate it. Comments are welcome. To see the other Lessons from Owners Manual, go to miraclemotion.org. can hear some of our music as well. God bless.

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