I Know Somewhere

I know, somewhere, someone is reading this, and wondering why they should go on living. I was at that point. If you have never been there, then no way can you understand. This post is for the ones that are in a place so dark you can not see your own hand in front of your face.
Listen closely..GOD LOVES YOU, and so do I. I know there are some that will turn away from me because of where I have been. That’s OK, God NEVER turned away. This post is for the one that will listen, and have Hope restored. Drugs? Been there! (and Alcohol is a drug). Despair? yep.
But today, just for today, I am blessed.
The same God that sent His Son to die for all of us is reaching out to you today. Let not your heart be troubled, Don’t care what your church affiliation is, don’t care how many times you have been rejected and scorned by man made religion, God IS Love. And He loves you, today, right now.
Would love to pray with you.
Take that step?
God is waiting, and so are we. Not really the post I thought it was going to be, but I follow a Great God, and for that I am THANKFUL.
God Bless