Rev. Claude Davis was born a coal miner’s son, and in later years became a decorated Marine, having served in Vietnam.  He then founded Miracle in Motion Inc. in November of 2002, incorporated in the state of Kentucky in April 2004.
The journey continued for Rev. Claude Davis where he started the Coal Miner’s Jamboree and Coal Miner’s Church services which ran for nine years. Now, Ministry consist of one to one contact, and visiting different churches.  Rev. Claude Davis has also started an online Coal Miners Church to reach many worldwide communities that cannot attend Churches in their own areas. This consists of associated Ministries in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand.
The Online Coal Miner Church Service (a non-denominational Service where all are welcome, to teach and live by the principles found in the bible, excluding none, respecting individual beliefs, and reasoning together. To live by the Principles we teach (in all our dealings with other, practice the principles that we teach. We are to be honest, forthright, and compassionate with all.
We are to turn the other cheek believing that God will protect and bless us in our outreach. With malice toward none, acceptance of all, proclaiming that, God is the Judge of all men. As such, we avoid doing God’s job. To be a witness (not a defence attorney), God does not need one, not a prosecuting attorney, and we do not try to condemn anyone, and we are certainly not Judges.
Our objective is to show that living by the principles of Christ we can have a successful and growing Enterprise. 
The Lessons from Rev. Claude Davis Owner’s Manual is a copy written daily messages for all to see, which is available on this Website.
Being an Ordained Minister, and a graduate of Tennessee State University, Rev. Claude Davis started working with people in all areas of life.  This is when Claude Davis started the “Coal Miners Church and Jamboree. Being in the Music Business for almost fifty years, Claude Davis recorded twenty-eight albums, which entered into a great connection with the Lord in all his journeys.
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